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Brad Fey has been creating video content for his businesses for the last 10 years. 4 years ago, he got his first drone and he's been addicted ever since.
Brad loves to showcase his local state forest near his hometown. He films mountain bikers, gravel cyclists, hikers, real estate, sunrises, sunsets.
He's been hired by his local tourism bureau, mountain bike races, local bicycle shops, non-profits, realtors, beer/bike company, local university, local business school, and other businesses.
Brad's recent "bike jump" video has been featured by a blog called Right this Minute where they reacted to his video live. Brad's local breakout video was shared over 130 times locally and really helped his business take off.
One viral video Brad has made has been shared on Facebook 8400 times and viewed 450,000 times but only 696 people like his page!

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